Leather is a beautiful and luxurious material, but it can also be difficult to work with. Achieving the perfect patina on leather can be tricky

How Does Black Leather Patina?

Black leather, in particular, can fade to lighter or grey tones of black over time depending on exposure.

What Will Help Me Achieve The Best Results?

Sunlight, body oils, and artificial light sources all play a part in developing a patina on leather.

Orange Lightning

Through frequent use, leather jackets, wallets, bags, and accessories can pick up marks to create their unique look, with the wearer’s story hidden in every detail of its design.

Frequent Usage Of Leather

Leather can develop a patina in just one week if used often, and all of these factors are present: body oils, sunlight, or artificial light sources like candles; dust from walking around with your phone nearby will make scratches appear.

Constant Rubbing or Hand-Burnished: