If you’re a lover of vintage products, it’s important to be familiar with some of the vintage words for fashion that are used in the industry.

Antique: Antique clothing is clothing that is typically over 100 years old. It may be older than that, but it’s generally not considered “vintage” until it’s 50 years or older.

Bell-bottoms: A vintage term used to describe wide-legged trousers that taper towards the ankle.

Brooch: A vintage accessory that features a pattern on a small piece of Ribbon: A Vintage fabric that is often used for collars and sashes on Vintage clothing.

Buzzword: Vintage buzzwords are simply modern terms in an old-fashioned context. Some vintage buzzwords include “distressed denim” and “red lipstick.”

Capelet: A Vintage cape-like accessory that is open in the front and hangs from the shoulders.

Capris: Vintage term used to describe a style of pants or shorts that are cropped just below the knee.

Cathedral Train: A long, formal gown train. Vintage cathedral trains are similar to the wedding dresses from the 1920s and 1930s.

Cat’s Meow:: Vintage term used to describe something fabulous or glamorous.

Chiffon: Vintage term for a sheer, lightweight fabric. Vintage chiffons were often used in Vintage evening wear, bridal gowns, and Vintage special occasion clothing.

Chemise: A sleeveless, straight-hanging blouse worn under Vintage clothing. A chemise is typically Vintage or Vintage-inspired.

Coat Dress: Vintage coat dress is similar to a conventional Vintage coat—sometimes it has buttons or a belt at the waist.

Crazy Horse: Vintage term used to describe a Vintage fabric that has a matte surface texture. Vintage crazy horse fabrics are typically suede, but can also be made from silk, cotton, polyester, and Vintage leather.

Day Dress: Vintage term used to describe a style of dress that is appropriate for daytime activities such as errands, work, and school. Vintage day dresses typically have hemlines that fall at the knee or below.

Deco Chic:: A vintage style that is similar to Vintage art deco with clean, geometric lines. Deco chic was popularized in the 1930s after the art deco era had ended.

Dickey: A detachable shirt collar, often made from lace or linen. Vintage dickeys were popular in the early 1900s as a way to add a pop of color or personality to an outfit.

Distress: Vintage term used to describe a Vintage fabric or leather that has been artificially aged or faded to give it a worn, tired appearance.

Flat Cap: A cloth cap that features a short brim on the front and back, but not on the sides. Flat caps typically have around Vintage or Vintage peaks.

Hen Coop:: Vintage term used to describe a Vintage hat that is shaped like a hen-coop, or the roof of a house.

Houstonian: Vintage Houstonian shoes are similar to Derbys, but have a low heel. Vintage Houstonian shoes are typically Vintage shoes made from Vintage suede.

Longing: The vintage term used to describe a Vintage coat, Vintage jacket, or Vintage cape that is designed to be worn over Vintage dresses or skirts.

Middy: Vintage term used to describe a Vintage dress or skirt that has a fitted bodice and full skirts.

Nostalgic:  Another word for fashion lover used to describe vintage pattern or Vintage fabric that features Vintage designs, Vintage symbols, or Vintage words.

Obsolescence Factor:  Vintage term used to describe Vintage garments that are considered obsolete, or unfashionable.

Old-school: The most famous vintage term to describe Vintage jeans that are flared, bell-bottomed. Vintage old school pants are often distressed or worn Vintage looking.

Passé: Vintage term used to describe Vintage clothing that is no longer in style. Vintage passé pieces are often Vintage pieces with a dated or old-fashioned flavor.

Quaint: One of the vintage words for fashion used to describe vintage clothing with a cute, old-fashioned flavor.

Retro: Vintage term used to describe Vintage clothing that is inspired by styles from the past. Rinky-dink: Vintage jewelry that is small and dainty.

Rustic: A Vintage term used to describe Vintage clothing that has a homespun, utilitarian Vintage flavor.

Urban Set: Vintage term used to describe Vintage clothing that has a modern Vintage style and features Vintage pieces.

Zoot Suit: The zoot suit was mostly worn by African Americans during the 1940s and 1950s, who purchased them from specialty shops catering to their community.