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How To Clean Distressed Leather:

Leather is a natural material with a tendency for becoming soiled over time. This means that you must clean your leather items regularly to avoid them from becoming dull. Depending on the type and condition of your leather items, you can clean them in a variety of methods.

What Is Distressed Leather and How Is It Different?

Over time, the term “distressed” has been used to denote a variety of things. It was originally used to characterize worn-out or outdated products. The term is now commonly used to describe goods that look to be damaged. You might say, for example, that someone’s clothes look distressed because their pockets are torn apart.

Natural Distressed leather is a phrase that has taken on several meanings over time. It’s a form of leather that’s been distressed or treated with chemicals, sandpaper, or heat, among other things. This type of leather is processed in a way to simulate the appearance of defects that would typically arise after prolonged usage. Distressed leather is rarely sprayed with a protective coating because this would make it shiny, defeating the objective of generating an aged appearance. It is important to note that distressed natural leather comes in different colors. You may find Brown, Bordeaux, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc.

The three main types of distressed natural leather are suede, nubuck, and pebble grain.

  1. Suede leather is smooth and shiny. It looks great on most clothing. Suede leather is typically found on jackets, shoes, handbags, etc.
  2. Nubuck leather is similar to suede leather. It also looks great on most clothing items.
  3. Pebble grain leather is usually found on shoes, handbags, wallets, etc.

Synthetic Distressed Leather

Synthetic materials are used to create this type of distressed leather. Vinyl, plastic, rubber, and other materials fall under this category.

Distressed natural leather is more durable than these varieties of leather. They can’t withstand a lot of wear and tear. They will eventually brittle and disintegrate.

Let’s Discuss How To Clean Distressed Leather?

The cleaning technique for distressed leather differs from the process for cleaning protected leather because it does not have a protective layer. Distressed leather can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Soaking the leather in water, cleaning it with a soft cloth, using soap, and even employing a chemical cleaner are some of the options.

How To Clean Genuine (Natural) Distressed Leather?

When cleaning distressed leather, keep in mind that strong chemicals should not be used. Abrasive products like steel wool and emery boards should also be avoided. Instead, use a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

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How Do You Clean Distressed Leather?

Don’t Wipe, Dab

When cleaning distressed leather, it’s crucial to dab stains rather than wipe them away. Gently dab any soiled spots with a soft sponge or non-abrasive cloth that has been softly soaked with leather cleaning until they are completely clean. Attempting to wipe leather stains will most likely spread the filth, leaving you with a bigger problem to clean up. So, even if wiping feels appealing, make a point of dabbing instead.

If you want to get rid of dust, don’t use leather cleaner.

While distressed leather should be cleaned on a regular basis, there is no need to use leather cleaner unless there are stains. Although leather cleanser does not cause immediate damage, it might cause the leather to fade prematurely if used excessively. Any dust deposits should be wiped away using a leather-safe brush or washcloth. A feather duster or a small vacuum can also be used to remove dust.

1st step

As quickly as possible, remove any staining objects from the distressed leather, such as food. The stain will spread more as the leather absorbs the oils from the staining object the longer it is left on the leather.

2nd Step

Using a paper towel, blot the stained area to absorb as much of the stain as possible. If you rub the soiled patch, it will spread to the leather’s surface.

3rd step

Allow for thorough drying of the discolored area. Given the damaged look of the fabric, the area will likely fade into the leather with time and become unnoticeable.

Step 4

Remove dirt and dust from the leather with a microfiber cloth. For regular maintenance, vacuum the distressed leather object with the upholstery attachment if it is large, such as furniture.


If you use water, soap, or non-leather cleaning agents to clean distressed leather, you risk causing a bigger problem.

Best Way To Clean Distressed Leather By Leather Cleaning Specialist:

The best way to clean distressed leather is by using a mixture of vinegar and water. (no chemicals). That’s why the leather cleaning specialist recommends using OxiClean.

How To Clean Distressed Leather Boots?

–Using a soft brush or cloth, remove any loose dirt or dust.

–Usual conditioners and creams may cause the finish of the boot to change, discolor, or darken. Leather cleaning specialist advises the use of ‘distressed leather conditioner for boots’.

–Non-silicone water and stain protection may change the appearance of this leather. Before selecting to apply on the boot, test a small, less-visible portion of it.

–Allow your boots to air dry.

How To Clean Distressed Leather Cowboy Boots?

If you want to learn how to clean distressed leather cowboy boots, and how to care for distressed leather boots, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Clean the shoe of all dirt.
  • Remove any loose particles with a brush.
  • Make a detergent solution.
  • Thoroughly clean the shoe with warm water.
  • Use a towel to dry the shoe.
  • Use a protective cream as necessary.
  • Allow the shoe to dry completely before re-wearing it.
  • Repeat Steps 1–7 until the shoe looks to be clean.
  • After cleaning the shoe, put it aside.
  • Keep the cleaned shoes in a cool, dry location.
  • Keep them away from radiators and heaters.
  • Keep the shoes away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep shoes out of reach of pets and children.
  • Make sure that the shoes do not become damp.
  • Only wear the shoes when necessary.
  • After you’ve washed your shoes, remove them right away.
  • Never leave your shoes out in the open.
  • If the soles begin to crack, replace them.
  •  Always use a top-grade distressed leather conditioner for boots.
  • Before purchasing new shoes, double-check the warranty details.
  • Remember to store your shoes in a cool, dry location.
  • Try to keep the shoes upright when storing them.
  • Stuff them inside a box.
  • Put them in a closet if possible.
  • Keep them out of reach of pets if at all feasible.

Best Way To Clean Distressed Leather Sneakers:

Remove the laces from your leather sneakers and brush away any loose dirt. In a basin, combine warm water and dish soap. Wipe down the leather with a cloth dipped in the mixture, wring out any excess water. Dip a toothbrush into the solution and shake off any excess to clean dirty stitching, seams, and other nooks. Brush lightly, don’t scrub too hard, and use a towel to wipe away any soapy residue. Allow your sneakers to air dry in a room temperature environment, avoiding direct sunshine or heating, which can harm the leather.

How To Clean Distressed Leather Couch?

It is critical not to saturate the leather with any liquid, since this can cause the leather to warp in an unpleasant manner. Put a few drops of mild detergent in a bucket and agitate the water to create a light foam. Soak a small cloth in the cleaning solution, wring out the excess liquid, and lightly wipe down the distressed leather sofa’s surface, making careful to get into all of the cracks and crannies. To eliminate any soap residue, wipe the sofa with a clean cloth soaked with clean water.

As advised by a professional leather couch cleaner that cleaning the sofa will remove some of its vital oils, making it more prone to tears. Apply a small amount of leather conditioner to the surface and polish it in. The conditioner’s emollient qualities will soften the leather and restore adequate moisture levels. Avoid putting the sofa in direct sunlight, as the sun’s rays might dry up the leather. Excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure can promote the ageing of leather.

Cleaning Distressed Leather Handbags:

It’s even more important to keep your distressed leather object away from water; if you spill water or a liquid-like cola or coffee on it, blot it immediately with tissue paper or a water-absorbing towel; DO NOT massage, as this will push the water deeper into the leather. Then, because this will inflict the least amount of damage, let the water evaporate on its own. Following that, you should apply wax or mink oil.


Purchase a commercial leather cleaning product to remove the stickiness from the distressed leather if the stain is caused by adhesive or other sticky substances. Check to see if the product you’re buying is suitable for distressed leather.

Concluding Remarks – How To Clean Distressed Leather?

  • Always begin with a clean surface. Before you begin, use a moist rag to wash clean the surface.
  • Use a gentle cloth to clean. A cotton ball would suffice.
  • Avoid using a hard object. Only use something gentle enough to clean the leather without scratching it.
  • Before moving on to the next stage, make sure the leather is totally dry.
  • When cleaning leather, avoid exerting too much pressure on it. If you put too much power, the leather may crack.
  • When cleaning leather shoes, it’s important to pay attention to the seams. Be cautious while cleaning around them.

FAQ’S: How to clean distressed leather?

How do you get stains out of distressed leather?

–Remove any staining objects, such as food, as soon as possible from the distressed leather.

–Using a paper towel, blot the stained area to absorb as much of the stain as possible.

–Allow for thorough drying of the affected area.

–To remove dirt and dust, wipe the leather with a microfiber cloth.

Can you use leather conditioner on distressed leather?

Deep scuff marks, water spots, and grime and oil stains are all easily removed with this product. Use it to keep all of your favorite distressed leather goods smooth and in good shape! … Apply conditioner evenly to the distressed leather’s surface. Allow the conditioner to absorb into the leather before applying another coat if necessary.

Can you use mink oil on distressed leather?

Mink oil is another option for keeping your distressed leather well hydrated. You may also wax your distressed leather cowboy boots with a specially designed wax. That will make your boots feel and look great while also extending their life.

How do you clean faux distressed leather?

A gentle damp towel and a mixture of dish soap and warm water can be used for general cleaning. Following the application of the soap, thoroughly rinse with a dampened cloth. Use a white cloth with Formula 409 and water for more intense soiling. Rinse with a moistened cloth after rubbing gently.

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