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Finding The Best Leather For Making Wallets:

Genuine leather is one of the best types of leather for wallets. Genuine or real leather is available in split or bonded varieties. Split leather is the lower layer of a cowhide that has been sheared away from the top grain. Bonded leather for wallets is made from scraps of leather that have been bonded together to form a whole piece.

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What Thickness Leather Is Best For Wallets?

A leather for wallets should be real leather that is about 1/32″ thick (2oz leather weight, 0.8mm). If desired, a leather thickness gauge 3oz  (3/64″, 1.2mm) could be used. A thinner, 1oz real high grade of leather (1/64′, 0.4mm) is also usable. For thicker pouches, you may need leather with a thickness of 2mm to 3.5mm.

What Animal Leather Is Used For Wallets?

Economical real leather for wallets is usually made of split leather or bonded leather. Split leather is the lower layer of the dermis (skin) that has been sheared away from the top grain. A finish is applied to the top surface to resemble top grain leather.

Cowhide is a popular material for high-quality leather for wallets. Besides split leather, sheep/lamb & goat leather, the other suitable type of leather for wallets may be:

Deer – One of the toughest leathers available, as well as one of the most abrasion-resistant and expensive leathers.

Ostrich – Ostrich leg leather is not only is the finest leather for wallets, but it is also the most durable type of leather.

Buffalo – Although extremely strong, durable, and rugged, it is also soft and supple.

Eel – A very thin and weak leather that is surprisingly soft, shiny, and smooth.

Lizard Skins- very tough and tearing resistant, with beautiful texture and prominent natural grain pattern.

Other Exotic Leather may also be considered for luxury leather wallets.

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Which Wallet Material Is Best?

Genuine or real leather is one of the most common types of materials found in wallets. Its easy accessibility and outstanding qualities make it the definite front-runner. It looks great and is long-lasting, providing excellent services and getting better with each use.

What Is The Softest Leather For A Wallet?

Lambskin is the softest type of leather for wallets available because it comes from an animal that has not yet matured fully, unlike other sources of hide.

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What Makes A High-Quality Wallet?

Full-grain leather is considered amongst expensive leathers for wallets and is almost always used to make luxury leather wallets. When used, full-grain veg leather develops a beautiful patina over time and is more resistant to wear and tear than other basic types of leather for wallets. A genuine leather wallet, on the other hand, may not last very long.

How Much Leather Do I Need To Make A Wallet?

You will require approximately two square feet of high grade of leather. We recommend vegetable-tanned leather in a consistent thickness of 2oz. Yes, the thickness of the leather is measured in ounces – you can use 1oz of leather if you want your wallet to be extra thin, and 3oz if you don’t mind the extra bulk.

Genuine Full Grain Buffalo Leather Sheets For Wallets & Crafts:

12″ x 12″ size Premium Distressed Buffalo Leather for wallets and leather works, also known as “crazy horse” leather with a thickness of 1.5mm. Each piece has a UNIQUE FINISH, CURATED, AND HAND-SELECTED FOR UNPARALLELED QUALITY, that will enhance the beauty of your incredible creations, develops a nice patina over time.



Natural Grain Cow Leathers: 12” x 12” Pre-Cut Leather Pieces:

    • Pre-Cut Leather Squares 12 x 12
    • The best leather for making wallets
    • With 1.1-1.3 mm uniform thickness, soft and supple bovine leather, pliable and easy for leather working.
    • The leather is finished, cut, and packed in the United States.
    • Available in a wide range of attractively unique colors like Cognac, Chocolate Brown, Red, Gray, Olive, Pink, White, Brandy, Natural Veg Tanned, Off White, Back, and Whisky Distressed.  READ MORE



Cow Hide Leathers for Crafts (12 X 24 Inches 2 Square Foot)

  • Cow Leather, Finished
  • Thickness ranges from 0.8 to 1 MM, or 2.5 oz.
  • Different attractive colors are available.
  • Every single piece is excellent for arts and crafts, or leatherworking. READ MORE



Firm Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Thick Cowhide Stiff Leather Material for Craft/Tooling/Caving/Hobby Workshop/Leather Items (Natural-3.0mm, 10x10inches)

One of the best chrome-free leather types for tooling. It develops a gorgeous patina on the genuine leather item over time. READ MORE


Brown Finished Top Grain Cow Genuine Leather Hides Crafts |  (Bourbon Brown, 12″X12″)

Sheath-making top grain leather Excellent for Arts and Crafts, Tooling, Stamping, Sewing, Carving as well as any leather accessory. Properties, and Hobby Workshop. Size and Color: It comes in three different sizes (12×12), (12×24), and (24×24), with a multi-color option. READ MORE



Cow Leather HIDES for Arts & Crafts (8 inches X 11 Inches, Black)

  • Leather Tooling Cow Chrome Leather hide 1.2mm Finished
  • The leather thickness gauge is approximately 1.2 – 1.4 MM, or 3-3.5oz
  • Excellent leather for arts and crafts or leather works. The best leather for making wallets.   READ MORE





Brown Tooling Premium Leather Square 2.0mm Thick Finished Full Grain Cow Hide Leather:

Cowhide Full Grain bovine Leather for tooling in Bourbon Brown
4.5-5oz IN WEIGHT AND SIZE (1.8-2.omm). Also suitable for slightly thicker pouches.
Crazy horse piece of leather is smooth, soft, wrinkle-free, and waterproof. Also develops a nice patina over time.  READ MORE


Cow Leather (12 X 24 Inches 2 Square Foot, Brown)

  • 100% Genuine Finished Cow Leather,
  • the best leather for making wallets.
  • Approximately 0.8 – 1 MM Thickness, or 2.5 oz
  • Great Leather for Arts & Crafts relating to the genuine leather item.  READ MORE 




6 Genuine Leather Pieces. Embossed Leather, Printed Croc Pattern Design Cowhide | Scraps 7”x 4.8” in.

6 pieces of leather embossed and printed cowhide, best leather for making wallets, each measuring 17.7 x 12.2 cm (7″ x 4.8″ in.). Highest quality GENUINE embossed leather from Spain and Italy in a Croc pattern. READ MORE


Memory Cross 3 lbs Real Cowhide Leather Scrap for Crafting – Remainants from Furniture Making, Soft and Flexible, New Larger Sizes of Leather Swatches:

Here you may find the best leather for making wallets. READ MORE


Tooling Leather Square 3.6mm-4.0mm (9-10oz) Thick Finished Full Grain Cow Hide Leather Heavy Weight (Rust Red, 10″X10″)


Full Grain Veg Tan Leather for Tooling, Carving, Dyeing, Embossing(12”x24”)

Thickness: 1.9-2.3mm
100% NON-TOXIC. Chrome-Free leather Eco-friendly, Harmless to Skin.  READ MORE


Cowhide Finished Full Grain Tooling Leather 5/6 OZ (2-2.4mm) Thickness | Mahogany – Antique Brown Color | Pre-Cut 12″x24″|

Tooling, Stamping, Embossing, Engraving, Water Molding, and Leather Craft Projects are all possible. READ MORE


Full Grain Cowhide Leather Pieces Tooling Leather 1.8-2.1mm Thick Leather Squares Pre-Cut for Crafts (12”x 12”)

Full-grain tooling leather, extremely high-quality leather, clean texture, combined with advanced technology, eco-friendly and healthy. Soft leather with nice rich tanning, one side smooth like a jacket, the other naturally soft. These waterproof leather squares are wrinkle-free, sturdy, flexible, and suitable for thicker pouches.  READ MORE

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